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HT transformer

A static electrical device called a transformer uses inductive coupling to transmit energy between the circuits to which it is attached. Before sending electrical energy across long distances through cables, transformers are mostly employed to raise the voltage. In order to step down the voltage supply to a level suitable for the low voltage circuits they include, transformers are also utilized in electronic goods.

The HT Transformer combines the functions of a regular distribution transformer and an H.T. Transformer. The incoming H.T. supply's fluctuating state is stabilized before being transferred to the step-down transformer. As a result, the output voltage level is kept accurate to within 1%. Our company's H.T. Transformers don't need to be maintained on a regular basis.


Operations are stable

Performance is high

Longer Lifespan

Our business offers consumers a variety of high-tension transformers with built-in AVR. This product is offered throughout all of India in a variety of technical specifications at a fair price.

HT Transformers

For the regulation and stabilization of voltage, HT Transformers provide complete solutions. It has frequently been discovered that, despite the installation of distribution transformers, there is still a problem with fluctuating voltage on the LT side, which leads to the improper operation of electronic devices. This transformer is a hybrid between a traditional HT distribution transformer and an HT AVR.

Being one of the top HT Transformers in India, Our first goal is your satisfaction because our rudimentary goal is to maintain healthy relationships with our clients. We produce distribution transformers that are durable, able to endure high voltage pressures and maintain maximum efficiency. It is utilized by both private individuals and businesses. When manufacturing distribution transformers, our goal is to market a product with minimal maintenance requirements and flammability risks, making it a model for any unfavorable circumstance.

Why to buy Inverter?

The Inverter cum Home UPS is a product used mostly in homes and offices. This product provides backup at times of power cuts and power failures. It is the best choice for use in homes and it is also fully automatic and gives protection from short circuits.

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