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In this Modern Technology Era when we think of FOOD suddenly one point which strike everybody that is this food safe or secure for our body or not? As all we know that FOOD is the FUEL of HUMAN BODY if we will give GOOD Quality Food to our body this will give us LONG and Effective millage.
Since we are committed to our NATION and FOOD is most essential part of every one we develop ABP ONLINE UPS 5KVA with Isolation Transformer which can be fixed with MOBILE TESTING VANS which manage and run by FSSAI ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Our Compact Design Online UPS which fabricated in keeping mind less space in Food Testing Vans ( since limited space in which they have to kept FOOD testing Machines) Helps significantly FSSAI in achieving there target to test all eatables with ease and perfection. So that every consumer who deserve to get SAFE food can be tested before reach in hands of crores of people.
We ABP understand importance of UPS in this Machine Industry that’s why our R&D Team Study and Analyze various types of challenges which they were facing like continuous power failure / sudden power breakdown/ Electricity cut/ Fluctuation in Voltage/ High Voltage/ Low Voltage all these types of problem not only damaging machines even their maintenance costs were too much some times unwanted issues with machine provider not provide spares which damage due to sudden breakdown of Electricity. Our R&D Team look into this since we are committed for our nation to provide them upper hands in terms of competition.

Role of ABP POWER ONLINE UPS systems in Food Testing Vans/ Army Vehicles

Our Online UPS System provide Hassle free working of FOOD TESTING VANS / Army Vehicles whether input side there is fluctuation or power cut output was UNINTRUPTED and PURE SINEWAVE which ensure perfect and loving situation for MACHINE USER AND MANUFACTURERS.
We control THD (TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION ), P.F(POWER FACTOR), EFFICIENCY and develop online UPS in Isolation Transformer so that customer can benefit with low Electricity Bill.
HOT STANDBY or Parallell Redundency Arrangement This arrangement provide FOOD TESTING VANS / Army Vehicles sector extra advantage in case if one Online UPS get trip then entire load of UPS shift on another UPS. Output load of UPS not effect due to UPS failure.
Our Experts still working and committed to provide best solutions as per change of technology time to time. We assure you of our best product and service support on PAN India basis.
We also assured that our system users will feel ahead in comparison of their existing competitors in terms of technology, Timely response in service support and last Cost effectiveness. All this make customer feel happy and satisfy which increase their satisfaction level and ahead them from their competitors.
We design our Products keeping your Needs in Mind.

Why ABP POWER ONLINE UPS for Food Testing Vans/ Army Vehicles

  • R & D team Dedication
  • Committed for Technology Study and Up gradation
  • Online UPS with Isolation Transformer for Lazer Cutting / Vinyal/Flex Printing Machine
  • Digital Display, Pure Sinewave, PWM Double Conversion Technology IGBT Based
  • Better Power Factor, Efficiency and Accurate Output Voltage
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  •  ON PAN India Service Support.

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